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Welcome to Maji Hai Technologies!

Our mission is simple, we want to make it easier for busy families to prioritize healthier lifestyles.

While its importance is often underrated, water is a massively important life-giving and life-sustaining substance, therefore, the kind of water you have access to matters. 

From eliminating toxic household cleaners to having access to an unlimited supply of healthy drinking water, our team is dedicated to making it easier for your family to prioritize health and wellness for generations to come.

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Some Words from Our Customers and Our Team

After changing our water, my acid reflux improved significantly and our kids saw significant health improvements. We have the 5-in-1 technology as well as the home spa technology and we love it…

Russ - Dayton, OH

Within months of changing our water, I have seen improvements in the health of my grandmother, my boyfriend and myself. Maji Hai has an awesome team of people who truly care and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Alessandra - Dayton, OH

I met Russ and Anisha in Las Vegas when they told me about Maji Hai and their technology. It made a lot of sense. Because I work in construction and I’m an outdoorsman this technology really comes in handy.

Kris W. - Vancouver, BC Canada

Since purchasing our technology, we love how easy it is to use as a replacement to our bottled waters and household cleaners. Within weeks we were able to see significant improvements in our family’s health.

Anisha - Cincinnati, OH

Maji Hai was very supportive in helping me understand this technology and being a part of their team.  For over 20 years I suffered from debilitating sickle cell crisis, but not anymore…

Sopriye - Dayton, OH
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