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We believe in the power of taking simple steps to show you care about those you serve and those who serve you. When employees spend most of their time working hard to help us realize success, the least we can do is help them feel their best.


Maji Hai Int’l is a holistic wellness partner to employers, families and organizations around the world. As a team, we are excited about creating win-win solutions that can improve health, reduce stress and boost morale. Our goal is to provide a responsible wellness solution that can reduce costs, increase profits and drive up goodwill.


We focus on making it possible for employers, of all sizes, to implement an easy, sustainable and affordable wellness solution that can: 1) enhance the total well-being of their customers, employees and their families; 2) drastically reduce the use of toxic cleaning agents in the workplace that have been proven to perpetuate chronic illness.


With amazing, award-winning technology and… (drum roll please)… tap water – we make healthy living and going green easy for everyone! Our solutions focus on simple changes that can be made around the office and at home. These changes can drive down healthcare costs and drive up productivity, while showing customers and employees you truly care.


Managing workplace wellness doesn’t have to be a chore. Our programs are designed to keep employees engaged throughout the year so you can focus on the needs of your organization.

Whether you are just getting started with implementing a workplace wellness initiative, or you’ve been doing it for a while and want to add a “cherry on top”, we can help.  Now more than ever, companies are understanding the value of taking better care their employees. With rising healthcare cost, increasing chronic illnesses due to lifestyle choices and a need to source top talent, your corporate wellness program can be a highlight to your value proposition.

According to the CDC, chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and kidney failure, account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs.  Therefore, it’s important for employers to make it easier for employees and their families to take advantage of solutions that reduce risk in the office and at home.

We combine the power of technology with natural, sustainable resources that address prevention, healing and green living.

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Down to earth, fun, passionate, smart, innovative, diverse and results oriented are just a few of the words that have been used to describe our team.

Anisha Bailey, EA, MSEL
CEO, President

After working for industry leaders like Johnson & Johnson and Deloitee & Touche, Anisha left the corporate world, as a young single mother, to launch and grow a successful tax and business consulting firm.  With her consulting background, she went on to earn a Master’s in Executive Leadership. After a decade in tax law, she closed her consulting firm to transition into a career focused on her passion for holistic wellness. She launched Maji Hai Int’l in 2018.

Russell Bailey
Director of Client Acquisition

With more than 30 years as an employee of the DoD, Russ has enjoyed a long career as a Program Manager at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. A celebrated, award-winning employee, he is transitioning from his government career to bring his expertise to Maji Hai Int’l. As the Director of Client Acquisition, he works directly with our team and clients to ensure seamless on-boarding and program sustainability.

The Family
Maji Hai Consultants

Our Maji Hai team is made up of independent consultants trained in our philosophy of why workplace wellness is so very important. Our diverse team of dedicated professionals stretch across the country and we are continuing to grow, nationwide and abroad. Coming soon – Maji Hai Consultant directory.

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